I UK [dɪˈrekt] / US / UK [daɪˈrekt] / US adjective ***
1) going straight to a place and not stopping or changing direction on the way there

direct flights from Scotland to North America

There is a more direct route straight up the motorway.

The building had taken a direct hit and was completely destroyed.

2) [usually before noun] involving only the two people or things mentioned and with no one or nothing else coming in between

Only a few of us have direct access to the files.

Employees have little direct contact with management.

Their study found a direct link between poverty and crime.

Companies have closed as a direct result of the new law.

Nouns frequently used with direct
▪  access, contact, intervention, involvement, link, relevance, result
3) exact

That's a direct quote from the man himself.

Martin's brother is his direct opposite in character.

The rewards will be in direct proportion to the work you put in.

4) [usually before noun] direct heat or light comes straight at a person or object and is not reflected or reduced in strength

Plant in a shady position away from direct sunlight.

5) saying what you really think in a very clear and honest way

I love New Yorkers – they're sharp, funny, and direct.

She's refused to answer direct questions about her plans for the company.

6) [only before noun] related through your parents, grandparents etc and not through other relatives such as uncles or aunts

Steve says he's a direct descendant of William Shakespeare.

II UK [dɪˈrekt] / US / UK [daɪˈrekt] / US verb [transitive]
Word forms "direct":
present tense I/you/we/they direct he/she/it directs present participle directing past tense directed past participle directed
1) to aim something at a particular person or thing
direct something at/to/towards/into/against etc someone/something:

The incident directed public attention to pollution in the North Sea.

Our efforts are primarily directed towards helping children who live in poverty.

All of his energy was directed into his art.

increasing levels of violence directed against people and property

At the time, all the criticism was directed at her rather than me.

2) to control or organize how a person or group of people does something

The manager's job is mainly to direct the activities of others.

With the help of advisers, the President will direct military operations.

3) formal to give someone instructions to do something

Take the pills as directed by your doctor.

The jury was directed to disregard everything Robinson had said.

direct (that):

The judge directed they should be found not guilty.

4) theatre, cinema to be in charge of making a film or programme, or getting a play ready for performance, especially by telling the actors and technical staff what to do
produce I, 4)
5) to tell or show someone the way to a place or where to go by giving them instructions or by pointing

A policeman was injured while directing traffic.

direct someone to something:

Could you direct me to the bus station?

III UK [dɪˈrekt] / US / UK [daɪˈrekt] / US adverb *
1) going straight to a place and not stopping or changing direction on the way there

All the major airlines fly direct to Los Angeles.

2) in a way that involves only the two people or things mentioned, with no one or nothing else coming in between

I decided to talk to the manager direct.

You can buy direct from the manufacturer.

English dictionary. 2014.

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